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18 Illustrations Perfectly Depicting The Downfall Of Modern Society

We live in a society that is ‘modern’. By modern, I’m not pointing out towards the advances that have happened in the field of technology or fashion.

By the term ‘modern’ I mean the mindset of people, their bad habits, their extremely pathetic lifestyle which are putting them in the trap of death. And guess what? They know all this, it’s just that they don’t want to acknowledge it. And nobody can be as stupid as us, the people today.

When I see a fine man walking on the road with a phone in his hand and eyes continuously staring at it. I feel nothing but pity for him. And you know what? Every second person on the street does that. What are we trying to achieve? Great tension, stress or what? The phone is something invented to be used in necessity and not to become the addiction of humankind. We’ve been becoming the slaves of addiction whether it is bad eating habits or technology.

And thus, calling it that the world has come to an end. Let’s look at some illustrations that depict so.

1. The flaunting game
Our modern society is comprised of people who are more worried about how they look or how people think of them. Less do they worry about what is running in the society. A perfect portrait that shows people who may not worry about the poverty in the country but they are sure to take a picture while giving bucks to the beggars. just to flaunt the society.
2. Ending a life or starting it?
Sketch depicting a pregnant woman in prison. You may get the idea what the coming child would see after taking birth and how would it influence her/his mind.

3. Plantation?
Our world is so full of buildings and urbanization that the greenery is taken away. Meanwhile, this bird has something in its beak.
4. Do you get it?
The world is full of enemies and people who want to kill each other. While the angels would change the hearts to love each other are obsolete.

5. It’s all about time
Can you spot the difference? Time will balance itself when all of us stop quarrelling and rather start loving each other.

6. From one source of death to another
This man is leading the fish from waters to waters unknowingly. The goldfish will ultimately die in the salt water of the sea.

7. Are we slaves to technology?
Electronics have taken over humans so much that no one wants to talk about God anymore like back then when there weren’t these phones.

8. What’s more important?
I guess the society is filled with couples like this. Some don’t value love when getting it while some crave for it for their whole life. For a few people, money weighs more than the love that exists.

9. The modern childhood
I’m lucky that I had a childhood nowhere around this. The one I’ve spent was a happy world outdoor away from the technology.

10. The modern ‘Lisa’
The Mona Lisa was the best example of beauty in its time. But now everything has become so materialistic that even she has changed (figuratively). The girl is shown wearing trendy clothes and following the latest fashion because beauty has lost its importance between makeups and show-offs!

Artist: Steve Cutts’

11. I guess only he will be left
Mickey Mouse will bid us a bye and cunningly smile at us, as we leave the world.

Artist: Steve Cutts’

12. No personal space left
Indeed that shows the future conditions that will happen soon in the society. People will pay for their personal space.

Artist: Steve Cutts’

13. And all will die soon
The world is falling into the trap of phones so much they have no idea where they are going. It is leading them towards death.

Artist: Steve Cutts’

14. Trigger the button!
Sometimes I wonder if this would happen soon. The world is full of evil and slowly I believe all the prophecies will come true. And God will press the reset button one day and boom!

We tried finding the artist of this amazing poster but couldn’t discover anything. If the artist sees this, we welcome your message.

15. Brains have become useless
Because we now rely more on our phone screens and Google everything and find answers, rather than using and taking full advantage of our gifted brains!

Artist: Steve Cutts’

16. Money is the biggest trap you can fall for
Because money seems like giving you all the happiness but it’s a myth.

Artist: Steve Cutts’

17. Hard on ‘earth’
Indeed. That would have been like a curse given to mother earth to have humans on it.

Artist: Steve Cutts’

18. Who owns us?
Actually, the phone does. It’s like a never-ending cycle that has trapped us within it.

Artist: Steve Cutts’

That’s all folks!

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