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Make Your Girlfriend Happy With These 15 Easy Methods!

Making your girlfriend happy is no walk in the park. “Women are made to be loved, not understood”. Women are visual creatures; they like to feel what you are saying and trust me, you will need tremendous effort to actually make her feel loved.Want to make your girlfriend feel extra special?

Use These 15 Great Ways On How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy Instead Of Holding Back The Next Time You Are With Her.


Never forget all her special occasions. They may seem lame, but they do carry a special importance for her. Sometimes, occasions aren’t necessary at all. Give her a gift just because. Surprise her!

2. Make her YOURS in front of her friends

Trust me, girls like to feel special, and why shouldn’t she. She wants people to know how good a catch you are for her. Don’t hold back. Make her the Queen of the world, of your world.

3. Get along with her family

They are the ones who have known her for the longest and whom she confides most. Make sure you make an effort to build up relationships with them. make a big happy loving family together.

4. Give her the attention

Don’t ignore her. BE with her. You don’t have to carry her everywhere but you certainly shouldn’t make her feel lonely, especially when you are there.

5. Ask for her opinion

Whether it be some big career decision or be it some lame dress, ask her for an opinion. you should represent your lady and she must represent you. That’s how it works.

6. Ask for help

Please set your ego aside and ask for help if you need it. This would make your girlfriend happy and secure.

7. Compromises

Just know that maybe a Super Bowl Final Match isn’t that important as making a meal with her. Put her your first priority. A meet up with guys is less important than taking her for a dress shopping.

8. Cuddle with her

This is exactly what will make your girlfriend happy. Do that just once a day for starters and see the results!

9. PDA

Be affectionate. Pull up lame stunts. Make her feel like you actually care for her, and you will go limits.

10. Make her laugh

The family that laughs together, stays together.

11. Communicate

If there is something you wanna discuss, TALK. Instead of letting it trouble your mind for days.

12. Be chivalrous

Show some manners, they will be appreciated.

13. 3 am calls

Call her at the middle of night or day maybe just to tell her that you miss her and you love her. Mean it when you do it.

14. Keep your promises

Be a man of your words….Broken promises often break the heart.

15. Explore the world together

Take her out. make memories. Have stories to tell, not things to show.

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