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If A Guy Has These 12 Qualities, Wait For Him

Every girl has a dream to have a guy with certain qualities. This is life and would be a miracle if anyone could find a man of her choice. Guys flirt, date, make out and leave their girls. This is what goes everywhere. But if a girl cares about her feelings and wants a man of her dreams, here we have the list. Wait for a guy who has these things and your wait will worth it.

Wait for the guy who reaches your hand at the street and holds it proudly.

Wait for the guy who gets out of the bed quietly in the morning to shower, letting you catch a few more minutes of sleep.

Wait for the guy who almost always places his hand on your thigh – in the cab, on the train, on the couch, under the table at the restaurant. A simple gesture communicating everything.

Wait for the guy who never gets tired of kissing your forehead- in the morning when your eyes are closed and at the bed before your fall asleep.


Wait for the guy who makes you laugh- genuinely laugh. A laugh that lasts after the moment has passed. A moment when happiness can’t be contained.


Wait for the guy who never stop trying pizzas. Wait for the guy who knows when you like what and what you want to take. Wait for the guy who truly understands your needs.


Wait for the guy who introduces to his friends and family with no fear. Wait for the guy who walks proudly when you are around him.


Wait for the guy who keeps his word every single time. A guy who always keeps up his promises and never makes any excuses for what he promised.


Wait for the guy who makes you smile, because you knew through every bad date and lonely cab ride home, every ignored text message and every heartbreak, that patience and hope would lead you right to where you are right now.


Wait for the guy who always says YES with no hesitation. A guy who sits across from you at the table, laugh to himself and tells you how important and beautiful you are.


Wait for the guy who knows how to make you happy. Wait for the guy whose hobby is to surprise you with pleasant things, gifts and presents.


Wait for the guy who makes the silence comfortable. Who builds your confidence. “Wear the shoes.” Who is passionate and takes his job seriously, yet still makes you a priority.

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