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Miracle Baby Eli, Born Without Nose Is Dead At The Age Of 2 Years.

Eli Thompson known as Miracle baby is no more with us!

Eli Thompson a boy who came in this world without a nose is dead at the age of 2 years. Eli’s biological father Jeremy Finch, posted on Facebook about his son’s death on 3rd of June, 2017.

When Eli was born in 2015 after a lot of struggle in such an extreme and rare conditions called Arhinia. He was born without a nose, sinus cavity or nasal passage. He was a patient of Arhinia Disease, a congenital facial condition, which is recorded only 30 times, according to the NIH (National Institute of Health).

Jeremy Finch father of Eli, confirmed the death of Eli on June 3, 2017.

As per the American Journal of Case Reports, only 40 children were born in Arhinia Disease.

Finch told to media: Eli’s life touched millions of humans. He was a ray of inspiration for others.

Eli is pictured with his father, Jeremy Finch, and his grandfather, Steve Finch.
I remember when Eli was born, I was saying to my doctors that something is wrong with Eli. But then, doctors mentioned Eli is perfectly fine. I noticed that Eli wasn’t having his nose, says Eli’s mother, Brandi McGlathery.

In the inception of his life, Eli had a tracheotomy put in to help for breathing and to eat. Eli got a huge media coverage because of his rare situation. Even he was named as “Miracle Baby” because he persists.

He was the centre of attraction for the public, he got love and support from around the world and it was quite helpful for us, says Finch, Eli’s father.

Though, as Eli was named as miracle baby so media usually used to cover stories about him. Once upon a time, Finch spoke about his progress, Eli has started his speech therapy and baby sign language.

Brandi McGlathery holding his son Eli.

Eli Thompson is weighed at the NICU

Eli Thompson’s pictures from Hospital.

Holding the small hands of Eli:

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