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What You See First In This Image Will Explain Your Current Situation

The human brain often picks up on subtle signs before we even know it.

Whole sections of Psychology are built on the idea of the subconscious, a part of our brain that works beneath the surface, hidden even from ourselves.
A person can often act according to their subconscious with realising, and find out at a later date that they were acting on cues they didn’t pick up on at the time.

Psychologists often use picture tests to allow what is going on in the subconscious to show, much to the patient’s surprise.

Take a look at the picture below and remember what you see first, the answers are below.

The Car

If you spotted the car first this means you are focused on the speed at which your life is moving at the moment. If you moving through life at a quick pace, or feel frustrate with the slow speed that it is going at, you will have picked up on the connotations of the car, which represents speed first.

The Man With Binoculars

If you saw the binocular-holding man this indicates you are focused on the way you like to look at life. Observing your life from a far, and looking at the bigger picture, rather than getting bogged down with the details is your perspective.

The Letter A

An unusual spot, but if the letter A jumped out at you, this means you are highly intuitive and often see things which others overlook.
How about this one?

A Girl

If you saw a girl first, this may mean that you are fun loving, open to new experiences and that something big is just around the corner for you.

A Guy

Seeing a guy if you are a girl means you are romantically focused, and are on the look out for that special someone, or that you are already enjoying a current romance. If you are a guy and you saw a guy, this could mean another make is taking focus in your life at the moment, for better or worse.

This is a good one:

The Crocodile

If you saw the crocodile in this image first, is means you like to live life on the edge, and see risk taking as a necessary step to living a fun-packed life.

The Boat

If the boat jumped out at you, this means you are more focused and have a high attention to detail.

Source CuriousMindMagazine

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